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  1. windows chkdsk run every time on every bootup
  2. i am asking about CHKDSK
  3. i want to know is there any software for removing dirty disk bits for the hard disk. I usually format my each drive by copying my data from one drive to another drive and then format it individually and paste back the data to that drive.
  4. i have 2 questions... 1. I am not able to save the .theme file for screen saver, every time i add my scr name it always load none. But it works with windows default scr i.e. Logon.scr . I have bubbles.scr please tell me the lines of settings for a scr in theme file 2. In some themes we have several shellstyles such as aero32 and aero48 etc. When we apply that theme it always load aero32 as default but how to set aero48 as default. What kind changes have to made by using resource hacker in the .msstyle file
  5. how to make addon for window live photo gallary. I have have window live essential launched in 2011
  6. very nice. But for me,i think it is a wastage of time.
  7. geej sir i am not a master of xp. Please tell me how to integrate this .inf file to the xp cd.
  8. there are two software @abdullah brother. Xboot and sardu. I made it.
  9. i got its solution. Re install the window using the same pen drive by using a software winsetupfromusb. After the installation of window format pen drive. And now copy again any file to pen drive no shortcut of that file occure. @keira it is not fine if you use that shortcut creating pen drive to another computer then it is also effected from that virus and it again effect any healthy pendrive. The other thing is that the shortcuts are shortcuts never works on another computer so thumbs down for your answer.
  10. ok i download it from softpedia. Now guys the same question hold for xp and 7 i.e. How to make multiboot dvd for win xp sp3 and win 7 sp1
  11. sorry tell me for xp not for 7. For 7 and 8 it is so simple that a 1st class student is able to do this.
  12. all the tutorials are hell but not of vg sir. Go to xptsp.com and download LBS patcher i.e. Live boot screen patcher. It is too much easy
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