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  1. I've got a problem. Sidebar.exe seems to hog a lot of memory (like 150k). Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!
  2. I figured out that some gadgets just don't work, which is odd. Okay, I downloaded Alky for Applications, but it was not from Alky's website (could that be it?). I rebooted then after that I installed KB940541 (this was from another site too, not here). Lastly, I downloaded Windows Sidebar v6.0.6000.16386 Windows XP SP2 version, from this thread. When it downloaded, I right clicked on sidebar.ini and selected install. Then it installed. I also restarted the computer just to be safe again. Now I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything about three times now, but it still gives me trouble. I am
  3. Thanks, but my gadgets still freeze when I drag them to the desktop or the sidebar. Did I do something wrong. I've read and followed the directions multiple times. I get this messege: and then I get this messege: And then I have to kill sidebar.exe and restart it. BTW, hear that this sidebar is the best! Good work & good luck with the future!
  4. This looks like a great program, but I'm running into problems. Sidebar seems to freeze-up and not work at all. I have to go into Task Manager and kill the sidebar.exe process. Is there a guide or any instructions on how to install or run sidebar? Thanks!
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