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  1. I am a huge fan of Call of Duty game series ever since its first launch in 2003 and I have played all COD games launches till date. At the moment I am mainly playing its latest release call of duty Warzone which is surely one of the best battle royale games ever. I recommend all the battle royale lovers to play this game which is free to play and you may play it all alone in its solos mode or with your friends with a range of duos, trios and quads modes.
  2. Thank your for sharing this wonderful guide to keep the computer working for years. Everyone who has a PC should read this.
  3. Keira

    Cute Baby

    You got to be kidding me , what's cute about this baby.
  4. I am not sure that you can play Windows Vista games on Windows XP.
  5. Wow, amazing cars. I also have some experience going to such auto show as I went with my family last year to London and attended an auto show and I really had a wonderful time there.
  6. I would never wanna try anything like this. Mad people
  7. Thanks for sharing this nice tips which will save few seconds of everybody
  8. If you are using Windows7, the you just need to right click on control panel button from the start menu and click "show on desktop" and you are done within couple of seconds
  9. Thank you for this useful guide. I was looking for this kind of this for the last couple of days and I am glad that I have found this one. Looking forward seeing more great stuff from you
  10. Keira

    Tetris Game

    You got me into my childhoon with this post. I got the first game from my uncle on my birthday about 20 years ago. Guess which was the game "Tetris"
  11. You website is not working my friend , please update this one so we can use it to check PR.
  12. Playing games on facebook is one of the major activities of facebook users. What is your most favorite game on facebook? Mine is Pool 8 by MiniClip.
  13. This is great. With the constant increase in the fuel price, we need more vehicles like this one
  14. I am using a4tech for several years and I think it is one of the best providers of computer accessories, especially keyboards and mouses.
  15. Which kind of files you are copying in the pen drive. Please check the size of the file if it is same as of the original file then everything is fine.
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