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  1. Sorry, the preview link is from DeviantArt. And to top it all off, I have a big Moniter
  2. Here's the Longhorn Fusion theme for WindowBlinds that I have promised all of you! It is a port for Windows XP so all of you XP users can enjoy the awesome Longhorn Fusion theme that was made for Vista. The features are listed below and the original theme can be found here: http://longhornfusion.deviantart.com/art/L...eta-II-85494394 ! The theme link is here: http://fishy-fish.deviantart.com/art/Longh...Beta-I-92556433 ~Features: Aero, Slate and Athens styles Top shellstyle Styler Toolbar skin and much, much more!! Just install the theme and you'll see!! Installation notes are in the readme which is included! I hope you enjoy this wonderful theme for Windows XP's WindowBlinds! Comments are very welcome!! -Credits Credits to Panda X for allowing me to make this port. Credits to fediaFedia for helping me with some images. Credits to Flahorn for some images. _______________
  3. Okay, well, I copied to the Alky libraries folder and it worked. But, the systray icon disappears like you said.
  4. Your problem is that you didn't restart after you installed alky. And, Sidebar can not uninstall. When it gives you an error, just delete the Windows Sidebar folder and install it again...
  5. Did you replace the original dll in C:\Program Files\Alky for Applications\Libraries? If you didn't, that's your problem.
  6. First, uninstall both the sidebar and alky. Reboot. Then reinstall alky. Reboot again. Install sidebar and the problem is fixed! I've had that problem.
  7. Okay. Thanks for telling me. I tried the fix but the sidebar got messed up.
  8. I didn't know the uninstall gadgets has been fixed for a while. Could you tell me how, please?
  9. Well, I do not think Alky 1.1 will ever come out because the Alky team is taking down fallingleafsystems.com. But, we'll have to wait and see.
  10. Well, if he knows the problem of course. I'll re-invite you on Google Talk and this time, accept it please. I'll send you the gadget extractor.
  11. Yeah, that happens to me. For some reason, it can't be removed. It removes the main files but leaves behind the language folder and the gadgets. And no, I have not found a way to remove gadgets accept to delete them from the folder. :-/ By the way, I've already invited you on gmail. You should've gotten an invitation from tqm397@gmail.com
  12. Well, I'll invite you on gmail then I'll send it to you as soon as I can find it.
  13. Yeah, I've had that problem. I found the only sollution is to make a new user account Then, all your gadgets that you downloaded and installed will be gone. Then, you can reinstall Windows Sidebar, and DO NOT install any gadgets until I upload that Gadget Installer.
  14. Yeah, that's what the gadget installer's supposed to do. It doesn't extract the gadget files to the shared folder and it imports the gadget right into the sidebar. I've only found another gadget installed that installs gadgets like Windows Sidebar in Vista does. It extracts gadgets right into the shared folder. I'll upload the Gadget Extractor and I'll give you the link to it as the original uploader's webpage is now dead... I'll give you link later (If RickTendo64 allows me to use a diff. gadget installer)
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