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  1. OK, I resolved it. Not completely sure what started the problem, but resizing the sidebar just a fraction immediately brought the other applications' windows into line, and it seems to have held after a reboot. Thanks for the help, and for the sidebar!
  2. Yeah, it's checked for me. When that's unchecked, it just sits on the desktop underneath all my windows, so in effect, it's checking that box that brings about the problem. I thought it might be some kind of z-index issue, and I had Rocketdock running on my desktop, but even restarting with that not running didn't resolve the issue...
  3. Hi guys, Firstly, great add-on. I had no problems whatsoever installing the sidebar after Alky 1.0 and the Wireless hotfix. Everything is working fine, EXCEPT for the fact that the sidebar isn't sitting properly on top of other windows. It looks fine docked on the desktop, but if I have any application open, such as Firefox, Explorer, whatever, the sidebar is merely floating on top rather than docking - the minimize/close buttons for the app and the scrollbar etc are underneath the sidebar and inaccessible, rather than the window adjusting itself to the width of the screen next to the sideb
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