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  1. I experimented with the size of both .Wim parts and instead ofmaking the first 3000mb i made it 3900mb. Then it alll worked without problems, I assume that the licence is now in the first .WIM part ? :g:
  2. Ah, found out that Windows 8.0 /8.1 does NOT support the installing of splitted .wim files. That's a problem because FAT32 is needed to make an UEFI-boot USB stick. Will try the DVD option again.
  3. Thanks for your reply, I already mentioned that I know that a W8.0 serial needs W8.0 software on pc/laptop -a bios version of my image works fine on bios laptop/pc regarding the serials -It must be something Toolkit does with UEFI settings that causes the errors in Windows 8.0/8.1 -I don't want to inject the serial in my image because I'm deploying on newly build PC's for customers - Could Windows not find the licence agreement because I have split the .WIM file ?? I will try and will post my findings
  4. Hello ! When I install W8(my win toolkit version) on a UEFI computer (with UEFI-USB), after filling in the serial number, windows displays a message that it can't find the licence agreement. When I do the same on a W8 UEFI laptop, the W8 setup can't detect the serial number that's build in the laptop. I know that a W8.0 laptop needs a 8.0 Windows setup to detect the serial. Everything works fine with a genuine W8 on a UEFI USB--stick. What is the trick here to get things working ? Thanks in advance ,Erik. I have attached the .ini file
  5. Hello, I made an windows 8.0 ISO with all the updates and some silent installers. The ISO should be UEFI boot (advanced section) , but is not reconized by my UEFI pc. I then installed the ISO on a USB stick using RUFUS, now the stick is beiing detected by my UEFI pc and UEFI laptop. BUT on my laptop the W8 installer can't detect the W8.0 serial code, GRRRRRR ! An EFI version of the ISO burned on a dvd works excellent and detects the W8 serial code in EFI mode. What must I do to make a bootable UEFI dvd or UEFI usbstick that detects the W8 serial code. Sorry for my language Erik.
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