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  1. greetings Kel. Question, is it possible to make an sfx installer with this, uber and notepad packs with options to choose what you want to install? if so would u kindly make one, it would be very helpful and you'd only have to build one pack that includes everything an ppl would choose what they want to install on their individual system. if not its OK . Just putting the idea out there. or even an option in the inf file that turns on and off the apps to install. eg extract the addon open the inf ant at the top would have a list of the apps it contains and a on and off switch (option to install or don't install) for each.
  2. pokemon1- some apps work... having trouble with others. its best to wait for his vista version cause the xp version is buggy on vista sp1. "well in my case that is"
  3. hi Kelsenellenelvian love your work. got a prob and request. when i install u pac on vista some things work and some don't. the task switch XP spoils the show for one. now i install it cause i need a few files from the pack, amog which are; file extension toggle hidden file toggle Makecab or cabtool whichever makes the .cab Unlocker HashTab Reshack regshot my request is, can u make a pack with only these files included or can u give me some info on how to do it myself please. any help would be very much appreciated. thanks
  4. thanks for your help man. Keep up the good work. mabe some day i will be able to contribute something too.....
  5. so install first then copy app folder or extract the files from your cab to a folder and use that? ps thanks for the reply
  6. hi Rick, love this addon. its very useful for me. just wondering....can u make this addon portable? so that i can run it on my usb drive. thanks
  7. i've tried putting the slipstreamer in the nlite directory, and it did its job flawlessly. Thanks ricktendo64 and everyone else. happy holidays!!! :welcome:
  8. thanks everyone that helped a lot especially ricktendo64 i had no idea that could be done
  9. hi guys, :thumbsup_anim: this forum rocks :thumbsup_anim: I'd like to ask a question is there any tutorial on how to create a wmp11 addon that could slipstream with nlite? or can the programmer add the feature to the media player slipstreamer. if anyone knows how to make one please share, it would be very much appreciated. thank you and happy holidays
  10. hello hi, just joined this forum. been browsing through it , it's way cool :thumbsup_anim: i joined so that i can do the perfect unattended cd. i not only want to gain info but hope i can contribute too. thats all for now, later guys
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