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  1. i need it lite because it needs to be installed on a 16gb CF card and i would like room to do updates and add programs... i will never need games on this machine, dont need themes or screen savers, dont need language packs, wont ever need the majority of the drivers they have. So i take it that win7 can not be lited...or is it that wintoolkit can not do it but another program can?
  2. Kind of new to using this tool and maybe i am doing something wrong... but when i try to remove programs like games, themes, and stuff like that using wintoolkit, it doesnt appear to actually remove it from the ISO but instead just hide it. Even though i hit the save button and it says i cant retrieve it, i still can if i reload the WIM... also when i use the ISO to load the files are still there. I am able to integrate windows updates and other programs just fine but i cant seem to remove anything... i am use to winxp and nLite so when when remove something it is actually gone from the ISO is this not the case with win7 and wintoolkit or am i doing something wrong.
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