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  1. Ok, let me re-crap So basically what you saying is: 1) you recommend use RT7Lite to remove stuff, but not for integrating drivers and updates (which means I will need to use WTK for integration) 2) once integrated then can remove all not needed drivers 3) remove winsxs 4) and remove some other stuff using WTK? Thanks! BG
  2. Thanks for the file well my destination is keeping a functional windows which don't remove much except for (from memory) a) natural language language packs c) drivers that not used d) sample music/video/pictures/themes e) back up of windows updates (which I will only do after windows has installed, not before) Mainly, as my laptop SSD only has 128GB i don't want to have a 7-9 GB install when I really only need 3-4GB (without any integrations yet) BG
  3. Thanks for your reply. 17Gb is if you have integrated everything right? What if no integration and remove stuff that eats up most space such as language packs and natural language?
  4. Hi all Does anyone can tell me what would be the install size after remove components using win toolkit? (not RT7lite, just win toolkit) I am not looking at extreme removal, I am just after removing some junks such as natural language and i tried using RT7lite which down to like 4.7 Gb and around 3.x Gb excl page file. Anyone can share with me the experience on removal with win toolkit only? Thanks BG
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