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  1. Hello everyone I have a small question regarding the run-once installer. I have a few installers the are msi based. The installer is for google chrome host and toolbar.  I was wondering if I have to put the full command line into the  run-once silent install switch area.




    msiexec.exe  /i  G:\WinToolkit_Apps\Example.msi /quiet /norestart


    or do is just use the switch. 


    /quiet /norestart


    Thank you in advance 




  2. I don't know why but it won't let me send me money to you Legolash2o  or the wincert forums. There is something wrong with paypay. Is there another way of donating.

  3. I went back to the update list site a couple hours after I posted here. It turns out the the person that created the list made a typo in the lists. Now everything works. Does anyone know how to get updates for vista sp2 I know there are a lot so no one is making any lists. 


    PS thx Thiersee



  4. I get my update list from Windows Update List and is was wondering how to add the update url to toolkit to download them. The program i usually use doesn't want Stopped working. I don't how to get any updates. Could some one show me how to get updates for post sp1 of win 7 or help me create a list that I can download. much thanks in advance.



  5. I does't integrate updates I've been running the program for a while. I have the windows 8.1 adk installed. Trying to get windows 8.1 to windows 8.1 update 1 


    Here's a screen shot of what i'm doing. 




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