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  1. Hey All! I made a Windows 7 Pro x86 with Retail DVD (ISO Downloaded from Microsoft) Image with AIK and ImageX, everything working just fine except the answer file.... Basically I want a single NTFS partition Extended. Everything runs great until the Disk Configuration part, the setup stops for me to configure the disk options on the image setup but I want it to be all unattended. I will appreciated if somebody can help me with this. I'm going crazy here. Tried many different combinations on the Aswer File and still no luck. -<DiskConfiguration> <WillShowUI>OnError</WillShowUI> -<Disk wcm:action="add"> -<CreatePartitions> -<CreatePartition wcm:action="add"> <Extend>true</Extend> <Order>1</Order> <Type>Primary</Type> </CreatePartition> </CreatePartitions> <DiskID>0</DiskID> <WillWipeDisk>true</WillWipeDisk> -<ModifyPartitions> -<ModifyPartition wcm:action="add"> <Active>true</Active> <Extend>true</Extend> <Format>NTFS</Format> <Label>OS</Label> <Letter>C</Letter> <Order>1</Order> <PartitionID>1</PartitionID>
  2. Which tool? And do you know how the old IT Tech added the old apps back when? ie what form they are in and exactly where they are? Cheers and Regards I ended up creating a new .wim image just to get a fresh install. Can you tell me if I can manage user accounts using the .wim file and Win Toolkit? For example: My image will be unattended. Let's say I create anew .wim image and I forget to add some user accounts. Can I use the WTK to add/remove local users?
  3. Sure. This image belongs to a small business client of mine that I provide support to. The image was created by their old IT tech way back. I can create a new answer file and built a new image from scratch but I'm trying to save time and headaches. So I figure I may ask here and see if this tool can help me do the job. I don't support Piracy. Thanks for the replay though.
  4. Hello All, Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this but... I have a Windows 7 Image that whenever I install, it install Adobe Reader9 and some other old apps. How can I remove Adobe 9 and the old apps? Do I do this with the wim file? Also, how do I add the new aps I need to this imae? Adobe Reader 11, Flash 11 and Java 7 etc...
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