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  1. Hello, the download links in the first post are broken. Is there a chance to download VMWare light and Tools from another place. Thanks in advance and great job. Huberer
  2. Thanks, I didn't know that there is only an enlgish version available. I read that there're requests for a german translation. Will wait for that. Thanks Huberer
  3. @Gorki Is this Addon only with English language or is it the multi-language version. I would like if it's in german too. Thanks in advance Huberer
  4. Hello! Just for info. TrueTransparency v0.9.1 is available. Here it is. Huberer
  5. Thanks Gorki :thumbsup_anim: Tomorrow I can do my new installation. Huberer
  6. Thanks for the info Rick. Will install with your .inf Huberer Edit: Everything worked fine. Just tested it in a VM. Thanks again :thumbsup_anim:
  7. That would be great and a nice after Christmas gift :thumbsup_anim: Huberer Edit: the reason I asked was that the number of the final is quite the same with the beta version
  8. Hello Rick! I used your german Sidebar-Addon for nlite but when I installed it on a VM I receive this message: In English: National Language Support Downlevel APIs Update is not installed. New installation of Alky for Applications could solve the problem. What does this message mean? Just for info. I created a XP.iso with nlite and used the hotfix-pack from the german-nlite-forum (in this hotfix pack all the necessary Hotfixes for your Addon are integrated). As well I removed all language files (except English and German). Thanks in advance Huberer
  9. Hello Gorki! One question: Is your version of the KMP quite the same with the final (v2.9.3.1428) like here? Thanks in advance Huberer
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