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  1. I'm not asking for Warez help either, I have a program called Windows Loader in SetupComplete correct! All due I do not want help with Warez nor anything else just to launch a .bat to remove folders/hide and hide the user folder picture. May I ask you if you do know know about every new user who make a thread if they have a real Win7 with activation key? No, you do not so don't judge me...
  2. Hello guys! I'm wondering about a script I made after the installation of my Windows 7 x64 ISO is done. The script (bat) contains this: @echo off cd C:\Users\ RD /S /Q "C:\Users\Public\" cd C:\Users\Unknown\ ATTRIB +H "C:\Users\Unknown\Desktop" RD /S /Q "C:\Users\Unknown\Searches" RD /S /Q "C:\Users\Unknown\Saved Games" RD /S /Q "C:\Users\Unknown\Videos" RD /S /Q "C:\Users\Unknown\Links" RD /S /Q "C:\Users\Unknown\Favorites" RD /S /Q "C:\Users\Unknown\Contacts" cd C:\ RD /S /Q "C:\PerfLogs\" RD /S /Q "C:\Program Files\Uninstall Information" RD /S /Q "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Playe
  3. Thank you Lego, I have created a similar thread at Sevenforums but still no answear here nor there Anyway I thank you for your attention
  4. Hello! I'm tweaking my Windows 7 SP1 x64 installation ISO with dism (updates only) and all the tweaks and other options are applied with WinToolKit v1.4.1.28. I currently have some questions/problems I haven't solved, which therefore I write here smile.gif 1. Start-Menu -> I want to be apply to delete the items on Start-Menu -> All Programs, which I include here: Startup (hide the folder) Maintenance (everything, including folder) Games (everything, including folder) Accessories -> Remove these: Command Prompt, Connect to a Projector, Getting Started, Paint, Remote Desktop Connect
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