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  1. I know your addon was not meant to work this way but try doing what I did and see if it reboots on you...I was using your executable in a WPI install when it occurred...
  2. Hey Rick, I extracted your VMWare Tools 6 cab and ran the executable that was inside SVCPACK alone inside a VM of XP that did not have VMWare tools installed. It automatically, without prompt, forced a reboot...Is there anyway I can get rid of that? Thanks!
  3. I happen to get a dll error after I reboot once this addon has been installed...Is this something related specifically to my system or the addon?
  4. Thanks! Do you happen to have Rainmeter too?
  5. Thanks for your reply! I am actually interested in applying this through WPI. Is there a why I can do it via INF of WMI / Vbscript?
  6. I like this addon with the exception of the minimize / maximize being enabled...by default, on windows installations, this sound is not set...Is is possible to remove those?
  7. Is there a way to make it the default theme right away (or even on next boot)?
  8. Thank you! Will test and post back soon! EDIT: Just tried it in a VM using my WPI and this selected as the only entry...It hangs and doesn't seem to complete. When I go into the task manager, I see that it's just sitting there. When I end it manually, then WPI finishes, and it 'appears' to have installed correctly but I am not sure... As you can see, this is a fresh build with no Applications whatsoever...
  9. Can you make a switchless installer for this one? I want to include this in my WPI
  10. Is this 'dock bar' a separate thing (ie ObjectDock) or its part of the Vista ToolTip package? Nice addon BTW!
  11. Can both these addons be integrated together?
  12. What 'ricks vista bootfile addon' are you referring to?
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