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  1. Is there a link for the official MS One? Or is this a custom mod of the Vista one made for XP SP3?
  2. So I take it that the switchless installer is now the version to use?
  3. Thank you! I will test this tomorrow.
  4. Any chance of an English addon?
  5. but this is a switchless installer, i was hoping for the T-13 version as per your usual addons.
  6. Will this version work for version 6.0.3?
  7. Has this addon been updated to include the above post?
  8. I would also like to know the answer to this! Thanks!
  9. OMG These are awesome! Nice work buddy....nice work.
  10. Hi, So these will work in my XP SP2 disc with RyanVM on it? May I make a request for a Tablet PC Edition version of this: http://rapidshare.com/files/103687434/Vist...screen.Addon.7z Thanks dude.
  11. Could you keep FINAL versions as well as BETA? Not all of us like playing with beta software...
  12. For some reason, this doesn't work for me, even if I manually launch the individual setup files. It says to log off / in for changes to take effect and nothing happens...(testing in a VM)...
  13. I don't suppose you could make one for the VMWare Tools that installs with VMWare Fusion (OS X)?
  14. Is there any way you could make a silent install of FileZilla Server? - without the Management Interface launching after the setup completes - without the Management Interface launching on every login A /S switch exists but it does all the default selections...the above 2 I do not want (I do, however, like the fact that the server is installed / run as a service...) Let me know what you think...Thanks!
  15. Has anyone else confirmed this? Or is this no longer an issue?
  16. Post when you fix the link! Thanks!
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