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  1. ... I use it with NOD32 Antivirus (without firewall), works great.
  2. The official one is a part of XP pro, you already have it. The addon replaces the original files with Vista'ish ones.
  3. Vista Microsoft Management Console for XP SP3 by Picassa243
  4. Online Armor Free v2 by Tall Emu Some notes: * Unfortunately, it persists to run after the installation, so it runs during the svcpack stage. Just close it or let it run its wizard to save some time later. ** It's a firewall, a good one, but it's not an antivirus. Get NOD32 or something. *** Like any other firewall, it takes time to teach it which programs can be trusted, a few days. MD5 - 79bb9bec48f01e3269406c8c072a15c8 Size - 9.86MB Enjoy!
  5. I have some issues myself... under classic setup it works just fine. Tried this, it gets stuck on normal setup screen.
  6. Most of the israeli IM users do... MSN isn't very popular in Israel.
  7. Well, all the ICQ users hate ICQ6, it's heavy, ugly and ... full of crappy banners. That's why many prefer the old 5.1. BUT.... When you run 5.1, after the installation, it asks you to upgrade to 6, or close ICQ, so you have no choice. That's why... Someone made the update patch, it just stops this crappy message and lets you use ICQ 5.1. 1)So... should I make a ICQ 5.1 addon with the patch? 2)Is it legal to create a ICQ addon without all the banners? Anyone knows if it's against the TOS? Thanks.
  8. Firefox 3.0 by Mozilla MD5: 8159cf7d4c71ae5b1076d3c01660e550 Size: 8.91 MB I removed all the search engines except Google and Wikipedia. Includes the following plugins: (Sorry, I use Office 2K3, I don't have 2k7) Enjoy! Edit: fixed the link. Sorry.
  9. It replaces all the icons, as Kel said.
  10. Simple, quick AddOn. Installs quickly. Works perfectly on SP2, I think it doesn't work on SP3. InExperience Patcher 0.7.1 by Vertogisty Wallpaper from the screenshot Size - 944KB. Adds about 1MB to the setup disc. MD5 - 1d0e27adb8d621d9dfb50ae7caf62378
  11. I'll update to version 9 when it reaches the final version, Live downloader installs version 8.5 . V9 is still in beta.
  12. My pleasure Thought I won't receive any comments for this addon... glad you like it. I enjoyed making it...
  13. I have nothing against Turkish people, but I wanted my topic to be in the English SVCPACK forum. I'm israeli myself, so I understand how it feels ... I'm really sorry if I hurt anyone, I'm really confused and stressed these days. I'm 16, I have lots of school exams and concerts...
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