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  1. Had a read through that earlier on, I couldn't find anything. I'm thinking I might have to do it as an addon, so after I've installed, copy the XML file to the desktop, and run the netsh command as a silent installer! Will give it a try later on
  2. Hey guys, I've recently downloaded WTK, and started using it, and it's absolutely fantastic. I have one question though: On our network we have an procedure that all fresh installs must go through that I currently have automated (It's not my dcision that this gets done.) However, you have to be connected to the network for it to succeed, which is wireless. Is there any way i can have my WTK installation automatically join a wireless network (that I can provide the key and password to) so that when it's finished I can automatically set up our network? It would only save about 15 minutes of my time, but it's my last gripe with our reimaging process. Cheers
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