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  1. I have IE 7 ! I tried that command, it didin't work.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a problem with the sidebar.. a very common problem actually! I have tried everything to fix it, but I couldn't ! Here is a screenshot of the problem, and some of the things I did to fix it ! Please Help !! What else can I do ?!
  3. I unistalled / reinstalled I clicked change so many times on add/delete programs I registred the files with the \regserver thing I reinstalled IE7 and WMP11 I reinstalled Alky for Applications .. Still the same problem ? Anything else I'm missing ?
  4. Hello ! First, I wanna thank you for this wonderful application for us, XP users. I have a problem though, my gadgets don't work! They show a white background and the clock is all black etc.. I have tried to fix it by following the FAQ instructions, but in vain. PS: I have WMP11 and IE7. Here is a screeshot :
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