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  1. oh, no problem many thanks for the hotfile link. It is a big help.
  2. Thanks for the work on this project but I am having trouble downloading the latest updated link. Megaupload page says the file is temporarily unavailable. Could you check into this please.
  3. Many thanks User. You don't get all the credit for your work that you deserve.
  4. Wish I new the answer to Windows tcp/ip file sharing problems, but I can tell you what I have done to work around it. I use ipx/spx for lan file sharing. For obvious security issues, I disable tcp/ip in adapters and bindings (found in advanced setting in network connections window) leaving just the ipx/spx protocol bound to local area connections. This has worked without flaw for me. Hope this can be helpful
  5. apex910

    Hello all

    I joined this board so I could learn how to customize windows operating systems for multboot cd dvd creation. Hope to pick up on some stuff and try to be of some help if I can.
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