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  1. Great, that one works fine, no longer stopping me from adding updates! So, it wasn't my box after all. Thank you very much! :thumbsup_anim: I will come back reporting should I come across something else.
  2. I'm struggling with a weird problem, but I'm not sure whether it's a bug or something in my computer causing it. Win Toolkit running on Windows 7 x64 sp1. When trying to add updates with All-In-One Integrator, I can always add exactly one update. When trying to add another one, I always get this error: Those updates can be any updates there are in any order, it doesn't matter. The first one is always accepted without a hitch, then the error pops up after the second one. It's a real mystery and I cannot for my life figure out what's causing this. The error message could as well be in Chinese as far as I'm concerned. The funny thing is that when I try and run Win Toolkit in a VM (the same version in the same computer, OS and session), everything works just fine and I can add the same updates all the way. This makes me think it could be something in my main OS. But what? One possible hint is the empty MD5 column on the first update. Also the status line states it's "calculating MD5" for the second update file at the moment the error pops up. But what could possibly prevent it from calculating the MD5? Again in the VM all the MD5 values are calculated and displayed fine. Thanks if you can figure out what this glich is about. And thank you anyway for a great tool!
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