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  1. Great, that one works fine, no longer stopping me from adding updates! So, it wasn't my box after all. Thank you very much! :thumbsup_anim: I will come back reporting should I come across something else.
  2. I'm struggling with a weird problem, but I'm not sure whether it's a bug or something in my computer causing it. Win Toolkit running on Windows 7 x64 sp1. When trying to add updates with All-In-One Integrator, I can always add exactly one update. When trying to add another one, I always get this error: Those updates can be any updates there are in any order, it doesn't matter. The first one is always accepted without a hitch, then the error pops up after the second one. It's a real mystery and I cannot for my life figure out what's causing this. The error message could as well be
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