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  1. hi everybody.. Can anyone tell me where i can download Universal silent switch installer? Ths in advance...
  2. Hi. everybody ... I'm Portuguese, i am not a programmer, my job is related with hardware, software all things related with Inform
  3. hi Kelsenellenelvian! I think it not installed because i went to windows folder and i thought the updates were there... i did not see anything there... perhaps i made a confusion... if it is normal how do we know that run ok? where can we go to see that them were installed ok? sorry about this but i am realy confused...
  4. HI Sm0k3r! thanks for your help... Another problem i had ..is that i also add RVMUPDATEPACK2.1.11.7z in nlite addons and Programaddons_Adobe_Reader_8.1.1.cab. Only adobe 8.1.1 succeed to instal. RVMUPDATEPACK did'nt succeed... I don't Know why not... Can you give me a help... ths...
  5. hi Kelsenellenelvian! I made a silent install for iview410.exe. I added it to nlite addons, hotfixes etc. Made iso file And run Virtual Pc 2004. But the program was not installed. What can be wrong? Can you help...I send the addon to be analised... Here is the ini: [general] BuildDate = 7 Janeiro de 2008 Description = IView 4.10 Language = English Title = Irfan View 4.10 Version = 4.10 Website = [EditFile] I386\SVCPACK.INF,SetupHotfixesToRun,AddProgram [AddProgram] Irfan.exe /S And here the script: Opt("WinWaitDelay",100) Opt("WinTitleMatchMode",4) Opt("WinDetectHiddenText",1) Opt("MouseCoordMode",0) $SF_1 = "iview410_setup.exe" If WinExists ( $SF_1 ) Then Exit AutoItWinSetTitle ( $SF_1) Run('E:\incoming\nlite_guide\irfan\iview410_setup.exe') WinWait("IrfanView Setup","Create IrfanView sho") If Not WinActive("IrfanView Setup","Create IrfanView sho") Then WinActivate("IrfanView Setup","Create IrfanView sho") WinWaitActive("IrfanView Setup","Create IrfanView sho") Send("{ALTDOWN}n{ALTUP}") WinWait("IrfanView Setup","What's new in this v") If Not WinActive("IrfanView Setup","What's new in this v") Then WinActivate("IrfanView Setup","What's new in this v") WinWaitActive("IrfanView Setup","What's new in this v") Send("{ALTDOWN}n{ALTUP}") WinWait("IrfanView Setup","Do you want to assoc") If Not WinActive("IrfanView Setup","Do you want to assoc") Then WinActivate("IrfanView Setup","Do you want to assoc") WinWaitActive("IrfanView Setup","Do you want to assoc") Send("{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{ALTDOWN}n{ALTUP}") WinWait("IrfanView Setup","* Instantly find you") If Not WinActive("IrfanView Setup","* Instantly find you") Then WinActivate("IrfanView Setup","* Instantly find you") WinWaitActive("IrfanView Setup","* Instantly find you") Send("{SHIFTDOWN}{SPACE}{SHIFTUP}{TAB}{SHIFTDOWN}{SPACE}{SHIFTUP}{TAB}{TAB}{ALTDO WN}n{ALTUP}") WinWait("IrfanView Setup","Press the ""Next"" but") If Not WinActive("IrfanView Setup","Press the ""Next"" but") Then WinActivate("IrfanView Setup","Press the ""Next"" but") WinWaitActive("IrfanView Setup","Press the ""Next"" but") Send("{ALTDOWN}n{ALTUP}") WinWait("IrfanView Setup","Open IrfanView &FAQs") If Not WinActive("IrfanView Setup","Open IrfanView &FAQs") Then WinActivate("IrfanView Setup","Open IrfanView &FAQs") WinWaitActive("IrfanView Setup","Open IrfanView &FAQs") Send("{SHIFTDOWN}{SPACE}{SHIFTUP}{ALTDOWN}d{ALTUP}") WinWait("IrfanView Frequently Asked Questions - Windows Internet Explorer","Favorites Command Ba") If Not WinActive("IrfanView Frequently Asked Questions - Windows Internet Explorer","Favorites Command Ba") Then WinActivate("IrfanView Frequently Asked Questions - Windows Internet Explorer","Favorites Command Ba") WinWaitActive("IrfanView Frequently Asked Questions - Windows Internet Explorer","Favorites Command Ba") Send("{ALTDOWN}{F4}{ALTUP}") Thanks for your help...
  6. hi Kelsenellenelvian! Thanks for your help... Just only more one question... when i finished instaling the programm Irfarview410.exe and i recorded with Autoit ScriptWritter last window terminated with a "Finish". Ok, after instalation, If i want to copy a dll file to the instalation folder of the aplication how did i proceed in the au3 file? can you help... ths...
  7. Hi ricktendo64 Very Good Guide. I made a silent install of irfanview410 as a Test and everything go right, by following this excellent guide. But now i have a problem i dont know how to resolve, and i ask for your help... I compiled the au3 file to "exe" file. How do i now make a cab file from this "exe" file to put in nlite addons? Can anyone help please? I'm new in those things... Thanks in advanced...Sorry about my poor english...
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