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  1. I was passing here by chance... The silent uninstaller has just been added. Use /silentuninstall as an argument to either setup.exe or the installation package (ImDiskTk.exe). This was a request from a user of Chocolatey, but it seems that other people may find that useful...
  2. As it was simpler to implement than I thought, I replaced the processing of the environment variable by a simple switch: /silent: Silent installation. Error messages and reboot prompt are still displayed. /fullsilent: Silent installation, without error message or prompt. Any other parameter displays a description of the available switches. Don't know if it will be useful, but a trick that is often used to access the 64-bit System folder from a 32-bit application is to use the "Sysnative" alias, as it is explained here: 32-bit applications can access the native system directory by subst
  3. It is a point of view, but not a big deal in my opinion: cmd /c "set IMDISK_SILENT_SETUP=2&ImDiskTk.exe" The -y switch removes the message of the 7-zip SFX module, as described in the help of 7-Zip. But the following messages are done with the installer of Olof, this is why you also need the environment variable. You can now save the current config of ImDisk Toolkit. This can be done with the "General Settings" in the start menu, which saves in a .reg file the key HKLM\SOFTWARE\ImDisk and possibly some other values. If you restore this key before using the installer of ImDisk Too
  4. The ImDisk Toolkit is self-sufficient: it installs the driver if needed. There is not two installations to do. And you're wrong about the setup: the setup GUI is not displayed with IMDISK_SILENT_SETUP: this is a complete silent installation (if you use the value 2). This is one of the innovations of the current version... Of course, you need to define an environment variable, but it's not much less user-friendly than using something like a command line switch. About the driver (the package of Olof), along with the environment variable, you also need to add the -y switch to avoid a dialog box f
  5. Tried ImDiskX64.exe on Windows 8.1 x64 and got an error: Error during execution ""C:\Users\-\AppData\Local\Temp\imdisk\setup.cmd" /y". Le fichier spécifié est introuvable. (= "File not found") Perhaps because of the user name which causes issues in a batch script? (-) The last version of ImDisk Toolkit (20140307) changed that: - installer: updating now asks for a Windows restart if required- installer: added silent installation (set IMDISK_SILENT_SETUP environment variable to 1 to keep error messages and reboot prompt, or 2 for complete silent)- installer: if previous parameters are found, t
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