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  1. haha yeah did that and it completely screwed my comp up and had to do a fresh install so now its gone and i probably wont get it again till u fix the problem
  2. This is uninstalling: and this is Repairing: And yes it is en-US
  3. can u fix the uninstaller plz coz it wont uninstall
  4. Hi i'm having problems with my sidebar. It won't uninstall and also when i try to open the gadget gallery it freezes. I've tried the change button and it repairs itself fine with no problems and ive also reinstalled alky 1.1 and no difference. plz help
  5. Hi i got alky for applications and restarted it and it went fine but when i installed the sidebar it said that alky wasnt installed and that it might not install properly i installed it anyway and it works fine exept when i want to uninstall gadgets then it says that sidebar needs to close blah blah blah but ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling both alky and sidebar but it says the same every time.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!
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