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  1. :confused02: Hi Rick. I have been having this problem for so long. Whenever i add the default weather gadget, and take the options dialog box, and wherever i click on the dialog box ( fields and radio buttons and the search button) it gives me a runtime error dialog box popup and i cant do anything, and it just keeps on saying getting data. And yes, i copied the dll, that is said in the FAQ. I really need this gadge. I have posted this sometimes before too, but neither you, nor anyone else responded. And, i heard that u somehow got the gadget uninstall problem fix. Can u tell me how to do th
  2. Oh, i forgot 1 thing. The system shutdown gadget doesn't lock my computer when i click on it. I haven't tried shutdown and restart buttons, but i don't think they will work neither. Does anyone know why, and please help me with he runtime error things. pleeeeease. Thanks for all your help, guys, u rock !
  3. And, whats the difference between adding the gadget to the gadgets folder and the shared gadgets folder ? I mean, wherever you put, it, it comes in the sidebar right ? Well, it does come for me. So, whats the difference ?
  4. I have a new error now. Whenever the sidebar loads, 2 dialog boxes pop up, asking : " A Runtime Error has occured do u wish to debug ? Line: xxx Error : "name of gadget" is undefined " The error lines give different details different times, like : The specified procedure could not be found : Object doesn't support this property or method : "name of gadget" is null or not an object e.t.c And, when i load the default weather gadget, an
  5. Thanks ! They were all here : C:\Documents and Settings\"NAME OF ACCOUNT"\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets, and i deleted them. Thanks a bunch, ipd56 !
  6. I already have a gmail account : DragoonFKH@gmail.com And, isn't there any way at all to remove the ones i already added ? And, 1 more thing : when i try to uninstall, windows sidebar just crashes and give an error reporting dialog box.
  7. Please, i really need to get rid of them. Can u mail me the link then ? Please be kind enough to mail me the link to DragoonFKH@gmail.com Or, u can post it here right now. I am online now. And, i need to use my current account for some personal reasons. Isn't there any way to remove them ? Post the lik now. I am online. And,n, thanks for your help.
  8. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the sidebar, but still, the gadgets i put doesn't go away.
  9. My problems with the gadget options not appearing and all got right after restarted. Now,I have the same problem as Greg S. When i try to uninstall some gadget that i installed myself, with the thomas's intaller, the sidebar just crashes and gives me a dialog box, asking whether to send or not send error report to Microsoft. And, i couldn't see these installed gadgets in the default folder, nor in the Shared folder, (both inside E:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\). Where do these gadgets recide ? I want to uninstall/delete these gadgets, which i don't need now. How can i do this ? I don't ev
  10. And one more thing - when i right click the system tray icon and click Exit, a biiiiiiiiiiigg window comes everytime, larger then my desktop, but the sidebar doesn't exit. I have to do the end process tree option in Task manager. Please, someone help me. I love this sidebar, and want it to get working.
  11. Please, someone help me. When i take the options of any gadget, any at all, nothing seem to load. Let it be the weather gadget, internet search, or uptime, or whatever. And, i cannot type anything int the location search box in the " weather " gadget. And when i put a clock name to any clocks of the vista LH clocks gadget, the name doesn't come. Please help me, none of my gadgets work right, the way they should, nor the options load. I tried re-registering the stuff through Change option in Add/Remove programs, as said here. Still no hope. My system specs are : XP SP2 Professional. Please help
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