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  1. Is it possible to disable/remove the Vista Executable context menu entries or would that break something?
  2. I've noticed this about the slide show gadget as well although I don't understand the high mem usage part. I thought for some reason that these images are being cached in IE's temporary files cache folder. Maybe not though.
  3. Are there any reported problems with the Sidebar after updating to IE8?
  4. If the mem usage bothers you that much, do a search for a little app called CleanMem and give that a try, installer or portable.
  5. I'm having problems with sidebar after the latest Window Updates. I can manage to get the clock in the sidebar but if I click the options button I get the warning of bad gadgets, find it remove it etc.. but gadget want restart. I receive the same warning again. I've done the control panel repair/reregister with no luck. Any ideas? I am using Sidebar Styler and repaired it as well but still no joy. Edit: It appears to be the update for IE7. Uninstalling it fixes sidebar. Maybe it was a bad install and I will try again. Edit2: No such luck. Something in the latest IE7 update hinders the sidebar from working properly
  6. According to rick, No hover. Look a few posts above this one.
  7. Thanks, I'll leave it the way it is now. I was just curious about the hover..
  8. Is there a way to make the sidebar background have the hover effect like on Vista? My wife and girls all use Vista with sidebar on their laptops so I could get the sidebar.exe from one of them. I've tried the sidebar styler which I thought would help but it appears that all it affects is one background image which I think is the None - docked on right image. If I can use a sidebar.exe from one of my family members to make it work, then what would be the steps for doing so? Maybe patch and run with vista exe... then replace the sidebar.exe I have now?
  9. Don't know if this bug(tooltip) has been fixed with SP3 or not but I haven't experienced tooltips behind taskbar after installing SP3. Can anyone confirm whether or not SP3 fixed this issue?
  10. Is there any way to change the 2px transparent line that is below the menulist inside of the Gadget Gallery? I thought that it might be specific to my desktop theme but just now noticed the screenshot above is running native theme where it appears also.
  11. Update went smooth and Thanks. One question, the uninstaller seems to only remove the item from the gadgets screen if the gadgets are in the ProgramFiles gadgets or Shared gadgets folder without deleting them, is that normal? I did notice that if they(gadgets) are in the documents and settings... windows sidebar folder that the uninstaller will delete it from that folder. I think the latter folder is where the gadget installer installs the gadgets. I'm happy either way but am just curious if the uninstaller is suppose to delete the gadget from the ProgramFiles/gadgets or ProgramFiles/Shared gadgets folder.
  12. I think for now this is normal. Sidebar will crash when selecting uninstall of gadgets. There is a .dll file you can use to fix this but it will do away with the task tray icon. The .dll does work as far as stopping the sidebar crash when uninstalling gadgets.
  13. Now I'm confused. Right now I have both hotfixes installed. Which one do I need? I'm assuming the one(KB918997) that I mentioned in my last post considering I had the other installed(KB940541) and the wireless gadgets did not work with it. The hotfix(KB940541) did place wlanapi.dll in system32 I think since it(wlanapi.dll) is dated with the same date as the hotfix(KB940541) installation. WinXPSP2
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