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  1. Hi Ricks! Using your new 2k3 Vista Sidebar Addon (v2.4) i've encountered a problem that i've already solved now but maybe explaining it i can help someone... So, everytime i tried to run the sidebar i got the "famous" delay-load error, that on windows xp is caused by wlan but is very strange on win 2k3... After some experiments i noticed that some files in your Sidebar.cab have a different date (different day) from those in ^SoKoOLz^'s installer... Then i've replaced your files with those from the installer, i've repacked your addon, i've tried it and everything works! No more delay-load error but only a perfect sidebar! These are the files that i've replaced: sbdrop.dll sidebar.exe wlsrvc.dll wlsrvc.dll.manifest Byezzzzz :welcome:
  2. Hi guys, hi Ricks! ^SoKoOLz^ i noticed that your installer (i've tried only the 2k3 version) installs vista fonts only in "c:\windows\fonts". Obviously this is not a bug and your work is great but maybe people with a different configuration of their hard drives (like "f:\windows" or else) could encounter some problems. Except this your installer works like a charm! Byezzzz :welcome:
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