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  1. I've used Win Toolkit/AIO Intergrator to create and successfully install updated 64-bit Win7 SP1 Pro in the past, but this time every single attempt has run into an infinite failed installation loop. What I mean by that is that the installation will fail for some unknown reason late in the install process such that it tells you to restart and try again, except that the exact same failure occurrs every re-try attempt. Naturally, I wasn't so nuts that I just kept on trying, but instead after each failure I removed yet another element from the AIO Integrator preset settings and rebuilding agai
  2. I'd like to know if there are any known problems or limitations with using Win Toolkit to create a Windows 7 DVD with all the post-SP1 updates for use during a Repair Install. Every attempt I've made so far at performing a Repair Install with a Win Toolkit-generated DVD for post-SP1 64-bit Window 7 Pro has failed with the spectacularly useless error message "Unknown Error" when it reaches the very last steps. Please understand that I'm NOT asking for help with that "unknown error" here! I know this isn't the correct place for that. I'm just wondering if there's some reason why trying to
  3. Woo-hoo! That did it, all-wise sir bphlpt! :albert: So please accept this newbie's considerable gratitude! On my own, I doubt I'd have figured it out. Great place you have here! Take care... Actually, no. .NET 3.5 is included in Win7, but not 4.0 or 4.5. (You can add either one you want, if either, but not both, since 4.5 completely replaces 4.0.) The easiest way to add whichever one you want is to use an installer or addon that is already updated with all the available updates, such as this one, or this one, or this one. They are made to install on an already installed
  4. Well, after examining the logs myself, it seems clear that the most likely culprit is that .NET 4.0 was not properly installed (lots of error messages to that effect). Or at least not correctly installed prior to when it was needed duing the install process. So the question is why the installation process either didn't install .NET 4.0 correctly, or didn't recognize that it was correctly installed. Surely .NET 4.0 was already part of the SP1-U ISO and doesn't need to be installed as one of the post-SP1 updates, correct? I downloaded the standalone .NET 4.0 installer, but I have no idea
  5. Thanks, bphlpt, for your hepful reply (and I apologize for my gaffe)... Cheers to you, too!
  6. I'm a total newbie with the Win Toolkit and the All-In-One Integrator, and I only found this site after much searching for something akin to nLite for Windows 7. I'll jump right in to my problem description, but if you'd like to read some background info, I've included it at the end of my OP... Here's my problem: I want to install 32-bit Windows 7 Pro SP1-U onto an empty and unallocated but pre-existing NTFS partition (The target machine does not support UEFI). The AIO Integrator worked fine the second time I ran it (after the first time I noticed some error log files in the Logs directory
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