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  1. Yeppers Geej Thats what I was looking for. I am so surprised with winamp so popular more people dont make this type of installer. Silent without the tool bars and extra garbage. Hope this is something he continues to build with new releases of winamp. If not I will just install the latest he has and update if I have to. Nice extra skins included with this release. Thanks for the link, will be passing this one along to others.
  2. http://www.winamp.com/player I keep trying alt+next button, use tab as well, It just continues to stall. I sure apreciate your help geej. Sure hope you can explain what I am doing wrong. At the very end of the set up there are 4 boxes, Emusic, Toolbar, And a couple of others. I would like to have all 4 boxes unchecked. No clue why winamp puts thoes there. But I like others hate them. If you do get a chance to make it, Would you please save a copy of the .au3 before its compiled. Would love to find out what in the world I am doing wrong. I know its gotta be simple, Just not sure what it is.
  3. Been doing my best geej. I am doing something wrong, I get the script, compile it, it starts the install then half way through it just stops. Then I have to click next and so on. I will get it. Just gotta figure it out. Have another idea or two. Im determined to get winamp to install without interacton on my part. Well looks like its just not possible to do this with winamp. I have tried everything I could, no luck. If anyone ever makes one PLEASE let me know, Would love to download it.
  4. A question. When the file is made and you have the script. You put it in the svcpack folder. Does the program itself need to be in "cab" form or do you want the orginal "setup file".?? The example I was pointed to was lost. Can someone post a "winamp" example? Thats the one I am having the issues with.
  5. I have tried a few that others made with no luck. When winamp installs you have make selections. I even tried the /S Method with no luck. Anyone have a winamp custom install that is truly a silent install without interacton? Thank you much.
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