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  1. either use "set" from a command-prompt, or Press Win+PAUSE -> Adv. System Settings -> Environment Var. ...ALLUSERSPROFILE=C:\ProgramDataAPPDATA=C:\Users\nonspin\AppData\RoamingProgramData=C:\ProgramDataProgramFiles=C:\Program Files (x86)ProgramFiles(x86)=C:\Program Files (x86)ProgramW6432=C:\Program Files.... and so onenv.variables need to be wrapped with % type: %temp% in a command-prompt for example .. or %CommonProgramW6432% To go to your Winamp-Plugins Directory, use: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Winamp\Plugins\ Paste the above into any WindowsExplorer // edit: The Addon-Maker has a "variables"-tab, too
  2. Let me confirm that it's a bug in WinToolkit. I've just created a new ISO from a saverd preset using that latest version. Same symptoms as you. It seems like it doesn't access the custom drivers at all - nor can you see the actual content of the USB-Drive you're boooting from - seems like boot.wim overides and assigns the Drive to itself, rather than using a new one. I came across the ErrprCode 0xC8 .. dunno is it helps
  3. a few remarks on this add-on: Winamp.Install_full-64.reg - Never ever include firewall rules - There are a lot of absolute paths set example: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\UNSV\shell\open\command]@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Winamp\\winamp.exe %1"Consider using env.variables next time please - 80% of the included registry settings are not needed because they will be created using information from .ini
  4. Is it a DOS message or Setup message ? If it's a Setup message and you are trying to boot from a USB3-device - applying the USB3 drivers is not enough. I just ran into it myself a week ago. my Maximus Gene-V has 2 USB3 hubs: -Booting from USB3 (INTEL) - driver fails -Booting from USB3 (Asmedia) - working .. even though the proper drivers are present - so i thought. The Intel-USB3 needs a specific set with the proper USB-HUB. //edit: Also make sure to check the "Include USB-Drivers in boot.wim" -> AIO-Integrator->Options->Drivers
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