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  1. 15 hours ago, ianymaty said:

    As far as I know .wa files are directly integrated with WinToolkit.

    .wa files are addons not installers so they are already silently added into the instalation.

    Are you using them correctly as addons in WinToolkit?


    For some reason I am through the installation SetupComplete

  2. On ‏۲۰۱۷‏/‏۰۵‏/‏۳۱ at 7:41 AM, Ali Sahandi said:


    Please silent installation command in cmd file with the extension wa
    Example :

    No one to answer in this forum

  3. On ‏۲۰۱۶‏/‏۰۵‏/‏۲۱ at 9:45 AM, jvidal said:

    Hi, guys, as some of you probably already know, MS released a cumulative update for win7, namely KB3125574. This update is some sort of an SP2 in disguise, it claims to contain "almost all" updates released after SP1 up to Apr/2016. Well...not exactly. Of course the info provided by windows catalog was not totally accurate and I had to do A LOT of trial-and error until I finally had the exact list of updates that needed integrating after KB3125574. Some 53 updates are still needed. Once I finally got that right, I tried to integrate it with Wintoolkit, but, to my surprise, it wouldn't!

    After processing, a question mark (?) showed up next to the update, not a red X or a yellow/green check mark. When it finished, a window popped up with details for the error, saying something like "it could not process unattend.xml" for the failing package (KB3125574).


    "Could not apply the unattend.xml for the .msu" is the error that appears.

    Has anyone else tried it?

    Why wouldn't it integrate? Is it not supported? Does Wintoolkit need modifying (i.e. a new version) for it to work?


    Can someone shed some light on this.






    I have the same problem Wintoolkit could add this update

    What is the solution?
    If this problem is way ???

    Thank you

  4. On ‏۲۰۱۶‏/‏۰۴‏/‏۱۷ at 9:19 PM, bphlpt said:

    Good question.  We have to wait for Lego. We can only hope that he is just busy with school.

    Cheers and Regards


    When news do you like Lego returns???

  5. Hi
    Excuse my English is not good translated by Google Translate
    I application ACDSee Photo Manager 12 want to wa in when you install the software creates a folder to Program Files and folder in the ProgramData of the homonymous
    When create a wa homonymous folder Ryplys

    How do you do that two folders are not Ryplys







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