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  1. OK I don't know 10x to ZoRoNaX for this amaizing thing
  2. Well I found somethig very interesting (now All my gadgets are show) here what I do in every gadget that I could not see is folder en-us, only copy fils from that folder into the folder of that gadget that means that every gadget must have a HTM file to work properly. Thank you very mach for this side bar it is very cool I like it so much you are THE BEST ave one more thing only install the side bar no need to reg or something else (ofcourse IE7, media11, netframe2, alku and hotfix are instaled before install sidebar!!!
  3. well I don't have a picture this moment but I will explain in program files\windows sidebar\shared gadgets I have 95Gadgets but in add window of sidebar I have only 50or less and when I install new gadgets in local..............shared gadgets some of them won't to appear in add window why? do I have to do change in add remove when I install new gadgets
  4. can anyone help me i have menu gadgets but I can't see them in add window especialy a do not have a analog clock
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