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  1. Hi Rick , must register with email and serial key :welcome: How does work?
  2. After Uninstall VC2005, windows sidebar can't start, my computer using processor Intel Pentium 4. Can fix again?
  3. Creme la Creme, what should thoosje vista sidebar have now! :angry: i need a help to fix it. The VC2005 can't uninstall! Can repair again? Please! Do it!
  4. ups! ihave VTP8.1 i need uninstall the vtp8.1 or vc2005?
  5. Hi ricktendo64, i'm install windows sidebar, but than showed windows error messages . I have IE7, .NET Framework 2.0, WMP 11, MSXML6, WLAN API, VC2005 and AlkyXP.Do you want help me to fix it up? :help: SoKoOlz was offline. :g:
  6. Hi, SoKoOlz. Im having MSXML 6.0, WLAN API, VC2005, and AlkyXP was installed.Internet Explorer 7.0, WMP 11 and .NET Framework 2.0, but i'm run windows sidebar, who was showed windows error messages? Can fix it up?
  7. I install windows sidebar, but still encourted error! :ranting:.What should fix the problems?
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