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  1. ; Vortex Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP SP3 Arabic متصفح المواقع الاصدار 8 لويندوز اكسبي عربي ; Thanks For OnePiece File: Vortex_IE8_WinXPSP3_True_AddOn_ARA.7z CRC-32: 4218ef74 MD4: 07b12df9d97c1ce60d8c8e24754b5524 MD5: a6754c43b5cd39aa06009d43bac7621c SHA-1: 48eeb2b818f164c996daeecaf495d4f7af2a78fb Size: 12.0 MB Link:http://www.multiupload.com/JBMU0KB4PF Internet Explorer 8 with Lats Update
  2. Vortex Windows Sidebar AddOn Arabic File: Vortex_Windows_Sidebar_v6.0.6002.18005_AddOn_Arabic.7z CRC-32: c7492548 MD4: 19960c08c0a017c25238166c1e39497f MD5: c895e15ed78d9fdeb2d9507e1afdb01f SHA-1: 4e23caa8bb86cbe6bf573a34fef21ef866e9d34e size: 11.0 MB link: http://www.multiupload.com/668DUWJHT1
  3. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Vortex XP SP3 UpdatePack V1.1.2010 (Arabic) باكج تحديثات ويندوذ اكس بي سيرفس باك 3 - عربي (Windows XP SP3 Arabic) وهيا تحتوي علي جميع التحديثات حتي اخر ( يناير ) لعام2010 last January 2010 Windows Updates By Vortex teem www.vortex-eg.com and Thanks To nonno fabio (OnePiece) Addon`s last January 2010 Windows Updates Build : 1.1.2010 Date : 24/01/2010 Download File: VORTEX_WinXP_SP3_UpdatePack_1.1.2010_Arabic.7z CRC-32: b6b73a79 MD4: fd311acbcc18b57c18fd327a40b1722b MD5: 5c33072e29a11b803fa9206bc7f08e02 SHA-1: 1c825ff2f35eea15f555ca7845fdcb01208beb9b Size : 91.0MB Link : http://www.multiupload.com/VVNHIDK5W0 Windows Update Liste KB817688; KB889320-v2; KB897571; KB898461; KB915800-v4; KB916157-v6; KB922120-v6; KB923561; KB927436-v2; KB932716-v2; KB934401; KB938759; KB940648; kb942288-v3; KB943232-v2; KB944043-v3; KB945060-v3; KB945184; KB945436; KB946648; KB947460-v3; KB948101-v3; KB948277; KB948698; KB948720; KB948877-v2; KB949127-v2; KB949900; KB950305-v2; KB950312; KB950616; KB950820; KB950974; KB950982; KB951066; KB951159; KB951163; KB951347; KB951376-v2; KB951531-v2; KB951618-v2; KB951624; KB951709; KB951822-v2; KB951978; KB952004; kb952011; kb952013; KB952117-v2; KB952595-v3; KB952909-v2; KB952954; KB953024; KB953028; KB953155; KB953761; KB953930; KB954193; KB954232; KB954434; KB954708; KB954920-v2; KB955043-v2; KB955109; KB955356; KB955417; KB955567; KB955576; KB955704; KB955759; KB955830-v2; KB955843-v4; KB955988; KB956048; KB956072; KB956572; KB956625; KB956844; KB957218; KB957495; KB957502; KB957931; KB958071; KB958149; KB958244; KB958259-v2; KB958644; KB958687; KB958817; KB958869; KB958910; KB959085; KB959160; KB959267; KB959334; KB959426; KB959465; KB959540; KB959554; KB959682; KB959765; KB959873; KB960071-v2; KB960519; KB960655; KB960680-v2; KB960859; KB960921; KB960970; KB961067; KB961118; KB961187-v2; KB961451-v2; KB961503; KB961605; kb961742-v3; KB961853-v2; KB963038; kb963093; KB965220; KB967048-v2; KB967705-v2; KB967756; KB968389; KB968585-v2; KB968730; KB968764; KB969059; kb969084; KB969238; KB969262; KB969395; KB969557; KB969632; KB969947; KB970048; KB970063; KB970254; KB970326; KB970413; KB970430; KB970483; KB970553; KB970685; KB970922; KB971029; KB971165; KB971234-v2; KB971276-v3; KB971314; KB971323; KB971345; KB971421; KB971455; KB971486; kb971513; KB971557; KB971633; KB971657; KB971737; KB972270; KB972422; KB972435; KB972878; KB973296; KB973354; KB973502; KB973507; KB973525; KB973624; KB973687; KB973815; KB973869; KB973904; KB974112; KB974318; KB974392; KB974571; KB974841-v2; KB975025; KB975167; KB975254; KB975467; KB976098-v2; KB978125; And KB971961 KB975364 KB978207 -Windows Media Player 11 with Lats Update KB928788 KB929399 KB929773 KB932390 KB933547 KB935551 KB935552 KB939209 KB939683 KB941569 KB944882 KB952069 KB954069 KB954154 KB954155 KB968816 KB973442 KB973540 KB974266 KB974905 DirectX for WinXP Post-SP3 August 2009 Update Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.9.40.0 Windows Update v7.4.7600.226 dobe Flash Player v10.0.42.34 Malware Removal Tool v3.3 MSXML 4.0 SP3 v4.30.2107.0 GDI+ Detection Tool Root Certificate Update - November 2009 Internet Explorer 8 with Lats Update
  4. Vortex SATA/RAID driver integrat All (PATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS, RAID ) integrate in txtsetup mode Source Driver and Detailed list of supported devices http://driverpacks.net/DriverPacks/devices.php?pag=m Download http://rapidshare.com/files/223499953/Vort..._RAID__addon.7z Please write Do you succeeded or failed Thank you Fixed 20-04-2009
  5. The KMPlayer addon Info Download http://rapidshare.com/files/185108608/KMPl...ortex_addon.rar
  6. Error download link " Error 404 Whoops... can't seem to find that for you. " for "True" addon (XP SP3 Only): OnePiece_IE7_WinXPSP3_v2.3.1_AddOn_ENU.7z
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