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  1. Yes, version : it's a prototype, a "work in progress". Lego is working on this new version, but there is no idea yet, when it will be ready to be released. The translation-files we are talking about in this thread are NOT for the actual version, only for the new one! If you want to try the translation, you can download the test-version and translate the english file en-EN.xaml. Regards, Thiersee Thank you brother Thank you very much I will now translate into Arabic
  2. Please everyone I need a link translated version availability Please :crying_anim02:
  3. Is there a special version of the program to experience the translation? Is the latest version 14.46.1? Please help me because I want to translate the program into Arabic Thank you in advance for your help Though there is a certain version of the program for translation please put a link to download
  4. hi lego Where do I put the language file after download?
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