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  1. I have a question please about the Microsoft Full installer vrs the Client installer - which I think the Client installer is kind of a Slim version I think.... My question is about Rick's Slim version (I see it saves a lot of space and thank you for that!) Is there a Slim version of the smaller Client installation? I ask because I need to install 4.52 or 4.53 of .NET for a few programs - but I want and prefer to install the smallest footprint of .NET as possible. Thanks PS, As Thiersee said back in post #354 about FDM, I had tried at least 50 times in the last two days to download from Rick's v4.5.3 slim link on page 1 but it kept disconnecting me at different points, and when resuming (IE11 & Win7) it would still not finish. I must of tried 50 times last night then I went to bed and back 8 hours later this morning - still the same thing, it was so exasperating. Finally after reading many posts I see as Thiersee said they had to do too, I installed FDM download manager, and finally that let me get the complete v4.5.3 download very quickly.
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