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  1. well yes.. thanks Kels, that's the purpose of this. all my data and audio will be on a 300gb SCSI RAID1 array, so that's protected. if the O/S on (C:\) gets fuct, does it matter if the major Programs are on (D:\).. or would I have to re-install those anyway? would a re-install (or repair) to "C" break all the registry ties to "D"? the that's why I post this Q.. i've heard differing opinions. maybe separating is good for making backup images only? just want to know all the reasons for doing this. I hope to get other comments. do most of you who have fast systems keep the Program Files
  2. from a 36gb SCSI drive.. I thought to install XP into a 25gb partition and keep the C:\Program Files folder for what needs to go there. then create another 10gb part as D:\Program Files for major apps. i've searched a bit and found different opinions. besides Defrag efficiency, is there any good reason to have these separate O/S partitions in a new build? the Paging file will set itself as necessary and i've read the Documents and Settings should also stay in place.
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