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  1. i m getting error every time when i click on tweaks 1xBBBD09F763694E89E17A8FDC1859E546_Ex0600021E_frmAllInOne_en-US_643970 ***EXTENDED*** Node:Context-Menu ***EXCEPTION*** Object reference not set to an instance of an object. InnerException: Source: WinToolkit TargetSite: Void tvTweaks_Checked(System.Windows.Forms.TreeNode) ***WINTOOLKIT INFO*** Win Toolkit v1.5.4.4 Win Toolkit Directory: G:\wtk Anti-Virus: False User Temp Path: C:\Windows\WinToolkit_Temp WTK Temp Path: C:\Windows\WinToolkit_Temp Open Forms: frmAllInOne
  2. yeah i need same this but how i can make this one any software or through photoshop or paint
  3. i don't have permission there to see content related to topic
  4. hi my cutomized windows 7 is almost ready but i don't know how to change spwizimg.dll file part no. 516 i want to change into transparent border and image under this border please help me image is here http://s19.postimg.org/lnctpgjkz/516.png
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