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  1. men you crazy donate for wat???for malware??? but if you get donation and me and another people infected pc.you lunatic men people you tell donation back. i use menny free software with budle:ccleaner,kmplayer,imgburn and menny menny but clean men you interes is not donation and true team software is infected people pc. p.s. :ban me and delete my account
  2. this budle and addon inside is malware not simple and clean budle same another software free with budle but clean. option and skip in instalation you joke not work automatic instalation you dont know-pinochioo. if create new image for new os with malware in pc logic new os with malware you have courage instaled this software budle in you pc with firewall and antivirus off???
  3. in instaler version softare connect to exterior and add-inject run32.dll via exterior for add spyware-trojan but block with firewall software(in-out) package is instaled good... WAY NOT REMOVE FROM DOWNLOAD INSTALER VERSION YOU LIKE OTHER PEOPLE INFECTED P.C. WITH MALWARE??? YOU DISGRACE,WANT TO DONATION FOR THIS MALWARE IN P.C.???
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