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  1. Thank you kanyos, that was really fast! Installed with same error (window is titled "Windows Installer"), but working fine. Nice to find that the old skin is used by default and not that bloody cyborg one. No custom install folder though
  2. Thanks for this repack kanyos. I've found an issue though: while it allows to choose the installation folder (great!), the installation of the extension pack seems to be hardcoded and it's not present in the correct folder if the user sets a custom one. Hence extension pack is not detected when launching VBox.
  3. Hi kanyos. I like this repack, but it contains exe Current official package contains build 7826. There was a hotfix the day after the initial release (I think that was Docthal was asking about). Other changes include: updated dlls, updated cards database pdf and additional skins (though I'm not sure if you purposedly removed them for the repack). Also the included vc_redist is twice as bigger than the one in your repack, but package versions seem to match (?). Not sure if related, but an error window popped up when installing your repack about "something" was already installed and that the installation will not continue. After closing it (no other choice), MSIA finished installing and works ok so far. I think the error came from the vc_redist kicking in and failing to install, but I can't be sure (freshly installed, fully updated 7ux64 with latest vc_redist from ricktendo.) I would like to request an updated repack if possible. Important: please include option to choose the installation folder when run in GUI mode.
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