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  1. Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit image created with the Win Toolkit results in the "Print" function not working in Internet Explorer on my 'C' drive. I dual boot and the clean install OS on 'D' drive doesn't have this problem. On the off chance that there is something I mistakenly checked when I was choosing options, does anyone know if there is a disable printing in Internet Explorer?
  2. Had to find the images in question and delete them. Opened Win Toolkit and no more "busy" problems.
  3. The WIM Manager appears to be stuck on busy. Trying to close it gives me the attached message telling me it can't close because it's busy. How do I stop it?
  4. It did turn out to be a problem with the path. Changed it and now all's well. Thanks for the help.
  5. I get the attached when I attempt to mount an iso. I have no idea as to where to look for these non-English characters. Any ideas?
  6. Newbie here. Just did a driver and update integration for my W7 Ultimate. Where does Win Toolkit save the file? I named it but search couldn't find it.
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