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  1. are there any transparent theme for windows xp sp3 ?
  2. ok sorry about (bro) i read your replay just now so its ok about that
  3. thank you and no worries i understand what you mean i just didn't notice the date of the topic and i just start to learn how to editing windows late lol so sorry again and thanks for your help
  4. bro it's .exe can you cab it please for me to integrate it with nlite please
  5. sorry i forget to say im new at editing windows and i start with xp sp3 i wish i do my windows oneday
  6. ok i'll try and check if i can or not thank you bro XD
  7. sorry i didn't mean that i mean im editing windows and i'll remove ie6 from windows xps sp3 and i'll integrate ie8 else but i want to integrate a new browser like avant and make it the main browser did you understand what i mean bro ?
  8. please can you re-upload it again ? link is dead
  9. How To Make Any Other Browser Is The default browser Instead of ie8 ?
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