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  1. Just did exactly the same thing on VirtualBox machine with W7x64 as guest OS, and it integrated with no errors or problems. It seems to be an issue with W10x64U1909
  2. So it turns out that RunOnce error happens at both x86 and x64 versions, tho I do not use RunOnce so its a bit confusing. But IE11 slipstreams into X64 Win7 with no problems, but fails with X86. Also tried previous versions of Win Toolkit that I know worked, and they also fail. I presume its something to do with new Win10 v1909. I will try on virtual machine that has W7x64 and see how it goes.
  3. Also, additional thing I have noticed is that RunOnce stops working during firs run, just like shown on picture below. Again, only happens on x86 integration of Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1 version)
  4. WinToolkit ver. Host/PC OS: Windows 10 (64-bit) v1909 OS that is being modified: Windows 7 (32-bit) Ultimate I keep trying to integrate IE11 into this system but no luck, it bugs and shows the error like in attachment. I tried doing same on x64 version of W7Ultimate and it goes with no problem, configuration and updates are same (only 64bit version)
  5. There is a modded version with net framework preinstalled or integrated... And I am using these ISOs on virtual machines for various testings and experiments... I love you very much for this
  6. Ugh, sorry, my bad, I was experimenting with Faronics and managed to screw something up with my registry... fixed it now and it loads up everything now
  7. So how do I gain access to exclusive ISOs? I have loaded a regkey that came after donation, but I still get this:
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