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  1. I encounter same problem when trying to install it manual...but I manage uninstal VAIOXP using some other advanced uninstall program that shows hidden updates and programs like Uninstall Tool...so I manage to uninstall it with no problems...cause You wont see VAIO entry in regular CP add/remove programs...
  2. JurgenDoe got mine. I like clean and tidy desktops. :turned:
  3. Ok give me some time and I'll see what can I do... :evo:
  4. HashTab @210KB eaba8212fe140bd6ac6e5fd83ad2bb5f Note: (non uninstallable) , MD5 setting enabled by default
  5. Y'z Toolbar v1.3 Download: Gorki_AddOn_Y__z_ToolBar_1.0.cab MD5: EC9F495984E49C569B183A8E93FBEBA2 Destination dir: Start Menu/All Programs/Utilities Note: Startup entry included by default, english language set as default, improved uninstall entries so no leftovers are left behind
  6. You have to copy .inf file from addon to your WINDOWS/inf directory (make shure you have enabled show hiden files and folders option othervise you wont' see inf folder under windows) ... good luck.
  7. Updated! Thx for the tip Rick :icon_rolleyes:
  8. Via CP => Add or Remove Programs... :whistle:
  9. Y'z Shadow v1.9 Download: Gorki_AddOn_Y__z_Shadow_1.1.cab MD5: A47912D75B982F5809270FD4F55EF858 Destination dir: Start Menu/All Programs/Utilities Note: Startup entry included by default, improved uninstall entries so no leftovers are left behind (thx Rickendo64 )
  10. Nope, you have to configure that yourself.
  11. Gorki's log supplemental: Well I manage to locate the problem, apparently Spyware Terminator installs his crawler toolbar to FF and possibly changes other system entries,I assume ones regarding win explorer shell also, due that I had that ishue,but other than that I did not encounter any other problems. :lock:
  12. Ok I'm having some strange problems in taskbar display but ONLY while browsing different drives so when using any other program like paint,mozila, notepad,etc taskbar display full name of application. It's same thing no matter if window is acitve or not. Please look at the picture bellow ...I'm using also visual task tip application. I'm browsing E drive and I get letter L in taskbar? same thing wit some other folder like. Even my computer is displayed with letter M sometimes? :confused02: And these are the tweaks I used with nlite on my winXP source CD: Boot and Shutdown-Numlock-On Desktop-Internet Explorer icon-Hide Desktop-My Computer icon-Show Desktop-My Documents icon-Show Desktop-My Network Places icon-Hide Desktop-Recycle Bin icon-Show Explorer-Change Windows Explorer folder view-Icons Explorer-Disable Accessibility keyboard shortcuts Explorer-Disable Prefix: Shortcut to Explorer-Klasični Control Panel Performance-Disable Optimize harddisk when idle Performance-Enable USB Idle Endpoint support Privacy-Ukloni Alexa Spyware Start Menu-Disable popup on first boot Start Menu-Reduce popup delay Taskbar-Disable Language-Bar
  13. nCleaner Gorki_AddOn_nCleaner_0.1.cab MD5: 8632B3460CCE50269D70C5D430D986BF Note: AddOn includes add/remove entries and all shortcuts (desktop,start menu + File and Recycle bin shell extension)
  14. Yep I agree with Rick, you could use Nlite to tweak your reg settings or you can download RegTweakage.NET v0.2 Beta addon and do it manually. :tumbleweed:
  15. Really cool stuff! I was getting bored from green Task Manager. :icon_cool:
  16. Mr.McNally hey don't worry about that. I'm glad you sort things out. :beerchug:
  17. Really cool way of updating app. You did it! Thank you m8 :thumb_yello:
  18. If u download Ryan AIO beta2 pack use this method:
  19. This would be a tough one... very close..very very All of them look special and unique,every one has it's own personality...
  20. Yep I had a good teacher to learn from NP... I was just warming up.. L0L
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