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  1. I haven't used nLite that many times so I was trying to make my version based on a "tested version", that way I wouldn't need to nLite/install/test over and over again until I had a usable version. I never asked for any illegal stuff, just an old version on the UpdatePack. But I understand your point of view, I won't push it any further.
  2. But where's the warez?!? I'm using a "Last session.ini" file from his release for nLite, that's all, is THAT the warez? Computers have OEM:COA stickers, I'm using a OEM CD, I'm using nLite for personal use, I'm using DPBase + Mass Storage package. Is there any warez in this? I'm not an expert on nLite, so I don't want to remove the wrong files and end up with an unusable windows, so I decided to use HIS "Last session.ini" file. I just need to compare my homemade version with his to know if he replaced some files by hand, but that is an impossible task if I don't use the same QFE Update Pack he used. Is it so wrong to try and make a legal version of his "work" for my personal use? Edit: notice that I could have make any excuse for requesting that file, I'm just being totally honest...
  3. That's exactly the reason why I want to recreate his version with my own original CD. He used XP Pro VL but I want to use XP Pro OEM in my own language. The computers are all HP and have OEM:COA stickers, they belonged to a paint company and were given to me by a friend. But I have to recreate his original version first to figure out what files he messed with, and make sure I'm using clean files.
  4. Hi. Is there any possibility someone still has a copy of XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_20111011.7z? It was used to create the last known version of eXPerience's MicroXP which is v0.87 (October 2011). I want to recreate it so I can compare my version with his and check which files were manually added/changed. That way I'll be able to make an updated version with nLite + latest QFE UpdatePack + Last session.ini, DPBase + latest Mass Storage drivers and add the custom changes in the end. It would be perfect to breathe some life into some old computers I have.
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