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  1. Is there any particular reason why you've attempted to squeeze the sentence for the closing page in a bit, like with the single-worded "ThankYou"? Is there some kind of text limit there? Just wondering tis' all.
  2. So even if it doesn't appear to modify the file PEChecksum still fixes it in a way?
  3. Hey sorry Ricktendo but did you notice my post at the bottom of the previous page?
  4. Speaking of bannage, why do you show up under a group named "Banned Members", Ricktendo?
  5. Ricktendo, I was just experimenting with patching the latest shell32.dll (in the RVM pack) manually (as per the command line used in your V'ISO batch file) as I wished to make a seperate "double-patched" version of the file that included my own Run Box modifications. I've noticed however that regarding editing the PE Checksum, the program you use - PEChecksum - does not appear to modify the PE at all, reporting the same checksum afterwards as before I ran the file through it. And the alternative and older program - ModifyPE - appears to have some kind of problem understanding a V'ISO-patched file, as it keeps saying "could not open file", even if the file is present and not being occupied by any other program. Is it some incompatibility thing you reckon?
  6. Hey Rick, do you know if V'ISO will conflict with dougiefresh's DriveSpace Indicator addon at all?
  7. Hello, new arrival alert! I just wanted to ask ricktendo a simple question............ is it *really* necessary to integrate IE7 and WMP11 first? What if some of us, say, wanted to stick with IE6 and WMP10 for now? Would we have to extract the V'ISO exe, delete certain files and repack the SFX again? Cheers!
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