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  1. sidebar.exe command line parameters:

    /showgadgets <- This is the one you want
    /uninstallgadgets <- This does the same but it tells you how to uninstall gadgets

    IMO use /uninstallgadgets because if you install a new gadget while the gallery is open and you do /showgadgets it will simply come to front and will not show your newly installed gadget...but if you use /uninstallgadgets the gallery will refresh and it will show you the new gadget that was installed

    OK, i have problem with creating registry file which add into right-click on desktop "Gadgets galery". Do you have any idea how create this?

  2. Hi,

    I edited RunOnceEx dialog in file RunOnce.exe and i integrate modified file into windows xp instalation disk. I installed system, but RunOnce dialog is old and i want to have a new here is edited file.


    My new RunOnceEx no working dialog....


    Please help with this problem...

  3. Also... Just send me the entire Windows Sidebar folder with gadgets, I don't want that installer, just need the Gadget files

    In the installer are czech gadgets and bonus gadgets in czech language.... You must extract my installer with winrar. After extracting installer you must extract sidebar.exe and in sidebar.exe are all original gadgets in folder Gadgets and in folder Shared gadgets are my bonus gadgets....

  4. Hi, can you make windows sidebar nLite addon for my czech language?

    Here is a link for download patched and fully working sidebar on xp sp2. This is a Windows Sidebar v6.0.6000.16386


    for download you must click on Windows Sidebar.exe

    Here is a non patched SP1, its original sidebar. I do not patched the sidebar style.... Only original copied from Windows vista 6.0.6000.16386, because, i have not got a sp1 for vista in czech language...


    Accessories in czech = Př

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