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  1. By the way. I installed a new antivirus program last night after hubby got my pc working. Now after running a full system scan a win32/winfixer was removed. Any idea what that is? Did I manage to become 'infected' even though there was an antivirus program on my pc? Or is it just that this new program is 'sensitive'?
  2. AS I said, on putting the pc on it doesn't boot up as usual, this message comes up saying that the registry file is corrupt or missing and nothing worked. Not even inserting the windows instalation DVD and trying to repair. After logging onto the net via hubby's pc and going through endless quick 'fixes' I still had no use of my pc. :angry: Lucky me, hubby is more clued up than he lets on... He managed to get the thing going and after trying to explain that when the pc is switched on, the del key should be pressed ( like I did so many times and not getting it to work...) the third option from the top on the left should be opened etc. So confusing after I had trully tried everything as was said or advised in those quick fixes. Now my pc is going as it should and am using it now. Thank you for your offered help.
  3. This morning I was busy on the internet and as something was opening my screen went blank. The pc was still running, I moved the mouse, still nothing. I tried alt/ctrl/del, nothing. Then I tried to restart, nothing, then I switched it off manually. I looked at the cables and found the monitor had somehow become unpluged. I pluged it in and switched the pc on. Instead of booting up I get a message that a registry file is corrupt or missing. I tried inserting the instalation disc and restarting. I get the same message no matter what I try. I can't go into the bios or boot up area as the message appears on everything. Please help.
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