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  1. Auto IT is scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI. I made a Auto IT script for KMPlayer. First download it and put in the same place with KMPlayer. Rename your KMplayer to KMPlayer (If another name). Now run kmplayer_Auto (Run as administrator for Windows 7 or later). It'll install your KMPlayer silently. Thanks a lot I didn't know about Auto IT.
  2. Use this: /S Best Regards & Cheers /S switch doesn't work for KMPlayer. It worked for old version. Auto IT will work. That's right /S used to work for old versions and not anymore, But what do you mean exactly by Auto IT ?!
  3. AVG 2015 (Free) = /UILevel=silent
  4. 1- Is there any silent switch for "KMPlayer" please ?! 2- Is there a way to silently install "Recuva, Sppecy, Defraggler & Avast Free" WITHOUT installing chrome & the toolbar ?! It will be a big help for me if there is a way for these two
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