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  1. Win Toolkit Installer - attempts to install 3 different drivers, but nothing happens. The Installer appears after a couple reboots and only after I have set the date/time, username, password. The Win Toolkit Installer (RunOnce Installer) appears, hangs at 0.0% and eventually fails (presumably), kicking back into Win 7 desktop after failure. I think I'm not integrating the drivers correctly, but I'm taking some steps in the right direction, which is encouraging. Theirsee - your help and encouragement has gone a long way in getting this figured out. Thank you very much!
  2. OK, back at it again today. So the the image I created (updates + driver) it appears to work - kind of. Updates install properly. After updates are installed, computer reboots and attempts to install the drivers without much success. When I am adding the drivers to the build, I need to unpack the driver installer, then add the corresponding folder (win7, win XP, x86/x64) to the drivers section of the AIO Integrator, right? Also, removing "ei.cfg" is not something I have done in any of my builds? What does that do exactly? Something with the prod. key I assume? I'm running Win. Update to see if the first box Im testing here finds any updates. I successfully dl'd the new UL, so I will be working with that one in the next couple days.
  3. My understanding was an older .net-FW was causing the ""Windows could not configure one or more system component"... thus including a newer version would remedy the issue.... which it appears to? And ya, I read that message..... Updates installed, should I carry on and disregard that warning or will the newer .net-FW cause issues when I go to integrate other stuff?
  4. .NET - I used the download here http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11127-microsoft-net-framework-452-for-windows-7/ I will try and integrate the drivers and install again. Thanks again for your help in this endeavor
  5. So... while I am waiting for this dl to finish, I started another build. I did everything as described earlier... only thing different is I added the newer .NET framework and...... it worked! 201 installed updates now listed! So, I guess my next question is what do you feel should be my next step in populating the build? What should I add first to see if it works properly? addons, silent installs, drivers?
  6. waiting for the new UL to complete.... it keeps failing with a "The underlying connection was closed : The connection was closed unexpectedly" error...... bah!
  7. http://www.windowsupdatesdownloader.com/download.ashx?type=ul&id=213 I too thought that was a lot of updates, but that's how many that UL provided me with....? Minus SP1 of course. Living in Manitoba, Canada. So, with that new UL you provided there are.... Updates (166) Updates - Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise (1) IE 11 Updates (3) RDP 8.1 (8) Additional Components (2) English setup files (IE11 and XP mode) (3) Then there is a french, spanish, dutch, and italian updates that obviously don't apply to me.
  8. back at er... .some stuff came up last night - continuing on today. 4. Updates appear to be integrated. ->close AIO Integrator. 5. Win Toolkit - > ISO Maker - >select output folder created by AIO -> create ISO -> ISO is created successfully 6. Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool -> Load ISO -> software creates bootable USB and copies ISO info over. 7. Boot computer to USB drive - Windows 7 installation begins..... ERROR - "Windows could not configure one or more system components....." bah! So I guess I am going to have to integrate newer .NET framework?
  9. I'm just going to post my step-by-step process to see if anyone notices anything funky as I go here... 1. Insert ISO (Win 7 Pro 32-bit w/SP1) into Win Toolkit - image is mounted. 2. AIO Integrator - Basic -> Updates -> Add-> Folders/Sub Folders -> Win Update Downloader folder -> 32-bit folder...... 204 updates added (199 + 5 IE Updates) 3. Start -> Integration begins.... this usually takes about 90 mins to complete.... as each update is integrated, a GREEN CHECK mark becomes present once complete..... I'll continue on once this stage is completed Thanks again for everyone's help!
  10. Good idea..... I'll start a new one (again.....) but with baby steps. 1 question, I'll build the first image with only Win 7 and the 32-bit updates.... once install is complete, should there be a bunch of updates actually listed in the "installed updates" area of Add/Remove or are these integrated and thus not considered "installed"?
  11. Why not integrate drivers? I guess I'm trying to understand what it is I'm doing wrong with my build.....? I appreciate the response and will try out your suggestion... but I still would like to get both drivers and programs integrated.... we have over 100 boxes kicking around this place so having a build that is reliable and something I can update is necessary. P.S - link to download?
  12. Pulling out what's left of my hair!

  13. Hi. So, here goes.... I am a computer teacher/I.T guy for the school at which I work. We live in a very remote part of Canada and have limited internet connectivity in the sense that all our bandwidth is delivered via satellite. Given our schools bandwidth, or lack thereof, re-deploying a client machine can take hours as I am at the mercy of all the wonderful updates Microsoft has to offer for my machines. I would consider myself a novice when dealing with most things related to computers/OS's... so steering me along won't be terribly impossible. I have 4 machines throughout the school which I am trying to create a specific Windows Installation disc (ISO) for.... meaning I would like updates, programs, drivers, etc to be installed when I run my bootable USB...... so far I have spent almost 2 weeks trying to figure this out without much luck and am starting to feel like I am doomed in this undertaking. I started with a beta version of nLITE, then onto RT 7 Lite, now onto Win Toolkit - which seems like the way to go from what I have read. I started by downloading Windows Update Downloader - downloaded all Win 7 32/64 Updates - success. Run Win Toolkit (v1.5.3.10) - success Browse for ISO, add Win 7 32-bit (SP1) ISO - success. Open All-In-One Integrator Add updates (32-bit) - appears to work Add addons - appears to work Add silent installs - appears to work Add drivers - appears to work I then close the AIO Integrator and select ISO maker.... select output folder that was created during the AIO Integration process.... an ISO is created successfully. I then use the Windows 7 USB Download tool to create a bootable USB and copy the ISO over. I then attempt to install Windows 7. *I was running into the "Windows could not find a CD/DVD driver" issue but corrected that as I was loading the "boot.wim" file as opposed to the actual ISO. Fixed that and got further into the actual installation. **When getting to the "Completing Installation" portion of the Win 7 install I would receive a "Windows could not configure one or more system components" error - fixed this by integrating newer .NET Framework. So, now my install completes successfully in the sense that Win 7 is on the machine, but as far as I can tell the updates don't get successfully installed - there is only one "installed update" listed and when I run Win. Update it finds over 350MB worth of updates?!? Additionally, the programs and addons I attempt to include do not appear to install - VLC, Adobe runtimes, Daemon tools, WinRAR, Firefox... etc. Also, the drivers I have included do not install. I am thinking I am probably overlooking something very simple and minute. I'm not sure what else to provide in order to help you help me, so please just let me know if there is anything I should provide in order to help the process out. Thanks in advance for any and all help the forum is able to provide!
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