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  1. Wonderful! Thank you both for that quick support, I really appreciate that. And maybe this could be added to any FAQs or tips and tricks or something. Because I really haven't found anything. Or I've mishandled the SF. :dancing: Thread can be closed, if you want to Best regards
  2. Thx for you great answer! I'll look for that way you mentioned. But another thing that came around. If you would answer to this too, this thread should be done. :-) Times ago I made an AIO installation disk/stick with all Versions. Now I'll bring it to the latest state. I'm also not completely sure if I only wanna make an updated AIO or also some modifications. So for testing .. well it needs time to build it from ground up; Per image ca. one h.. Are more than 400 updates for an image with sp1 right?. Because, if I install Win 7 sp1 fresh and update it through windows update, there are only ~180-200. THX Psy-Virus
  3. Hey there, I've just registered, because I haven't found an answer to the following question: If I integrate updates to an install.wim. with WinToolkit, do I really have to do it for all images "separately" ? Or can I only integrate them to the "Ultimate" image? I mean, the files that are used by the setup from the install.wim are the same for every version (home, home prem, usw...) aren't they? BTW: It's really an awesome tool! THX & Greetings Psy-Virus
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